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Live track
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New live track. Another from Plainfield Town Hall - enjoy!

Our next show is Friday, August 2nd at the Monkey in Winooski, VT. Click here for more info.
Regarding the war in Iraq, many have backed down from showing their opposition of a war effort since our troops have been over there due to not wanting to be unpatriotic, or anti-American. It is important to remember that the troops themselves are not making the decisions - they are just doing what they are told. We stand strong, and feel that the war is unjust - the decisions of the elite few to extend the grasp of corporate profits. These decisions are not in the interests of the people, or the troops, but mainly in order to help the fat cats get richer. We love our troops, and want them to come home.
The song War conveys our stance on the war on Iraq. We do not feel that war is the solution to the problems of the world. It is a greedy era of human civilization, and many civilians suffer from war while the few still make a profit. We must question what is going on, and speak our minds. Check out the Numbers section for more sites that speak the truth. We pray for peace to all people on earth.
Now featuring a live track of the week. There will be a new song each week from an OJB show of the past. This week features a cut from last year at the Winter Reggae Festival in Jay Peak. Stay tuned each week for another one... there will be some interesting past glimpses of OJB's live experience.
Our CD release party at the Higher Ground was a huge success. Thanks to all who participated and who came out to dance. Our new drummer Jeremy Levine stepped up and played his first couple tunes with us live. We also played our final show with Simon Plumpton. Simon has played with us for years, and played on both our albums. He is a fine musician, and we wish him well in his further musical adventures.
Robert Resnik of the Seven Days wrote a wonderful review of our latest album, Sounds Universal. To read the review, click here. Robert has an international music show on Vermont Public Radio. We are honored to have such kind words from a man of good musical taste.