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Our Inspiration

We draw on many sources to create our music. In the same manner that Samson used an old jawbone to defeat the army of the Philistines, we play our music to inspire people to open their minds and spread consciousness...never doubt the power of a small group of thoughtful individuals to change the world.

The Ashanti symbol of the crossed swords is the symbol for gallantry and bravery in battle. It represents the guards of the chief. Within each sword is the symbol Gye Nyame, which means "except God, I fear no one". Together the symbols represent the spirit which we bring to our music. Like the jawbone of Samson, it is a weapon against ignorance and intolerance.

Although OJB music is reflective of many types of music from all parts of the world, the main backbone is reggae. The red gold and green colors represent our roots of reggae music