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Our Music

Roots and Branches
  1. To Zion
  2. Stand Firm
  3. I'd Be All Right
  4. Intimidation
  5. Unity
  6. All This Time
  7. Freedom
  8. Let This Love Be Complete
  9. Capitan Emocianado
10. Beautiful
11. Peace and Rest

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Sounds Universal
  1. Come Along     lyrics
  2. What's a Man     lyrics    play track
  3. When Love Comes     lyrics
  4. Born at Midnight     (instrumental)
  5. Hold Tight     lyrics
  6. Elevate     lyrics
  7. War     lyrics
  8. Have Mercy     lyrics    play track
  9. Is It too Late?     lyrics
10. Father     lyrics
11. Beast of Babylon     lyrics
12. Never Had the Time     lyrics    play track
13. Revolution     lyrics
14. Nowhere Left to Go     lyrics
15. One Bright Morning     lyrics

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